Bidvest Vehicle Finance

Bidvest Vehicle Finance

The sheer size of the automobile industry in modern times also means so many things revolve around the industry as well as ownership of a motor vehicle. Motor vehicles play conspicuous role in the modern industrial economy and in shaping our natural and built environment. Cars and light trucks offer rapid, reliable and convenient mobility on demand to an ever-growing number of people. One platform making vehicle ownership possible is Bidvest Vehicle Finance.

As one of the top five vehicle financing firms, Bidvest vehicle finance will help you find and secure your next vehicle at the best available rate.This finance is offered in three different categories of installment sale agreement, finance lease agreement and operating rental.

Installment sale agreement allows you to finance the vehicle over a period of up to 72 months. Its best suited to those who want a longer finance period or would like ownership of the vehicle.  Ownership automatically passes on receipt of final payment and monthly repayments can be reduced by structuring in a balloon payment.

Finance lease agreement is tailored for those who are paying a deposit or including a balloon payment as part of the payment plan. Particularly useful if you finance for less than 60 months.

Operating rental allows you to lease the vehicle over a specified period of up to 60 months depending on monthly distance travelled.This is best suited for those who would like the use of a car, much like a long-term rental, without having to own it.

To access this finance, contact can be made on 0860111177.


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