All You Need to Know about Motor Extender Insurance

All You Need to Know about Motor Extender Insurance

Motor extender insurance gives you peace of mind against those mechanical breakdowns and or electrical failure.

What should happen if your vehicles manufacturer’s Pre-owned warranty has already expired?

Well you can take out motor extender insurance to cover your vehicle. Your Motor extender Warranty Insurance Policy will cover you for the repair and or replacement of car’s components, specifically listed under the respective policy’s specifications.

These can include the steering mechanism, braking system, wheel bearings, fuel system, heater, air conditioning and cooling system. Electrical components, electronic ignition, transmission system, drive shafts and engine arising from a mechanical and or electrical failure during the cover period of your policy.

The Motor extender insurance is there if you want to extend your current Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover or a Maintenance Plan this warranty is for you. This warranty extends the elements of cover as originally covered by the manufacturer. You get the benefit of an unlimited repair/replacement value on the components covered.

As well as 24/7 roadside assistance and car hire as this will all depend on what’s covered in the specific policy and insurer you choose to insure with. If you’re looking for an insurer there’s the Hollard motor extender insurance. It’s insurance for those dents, bumps, and parts’ malfunction your vehicle may suffer from. And just as the name of the insurance suggests it’s there to extend the life of your car.

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