BikeMan Financial Services

BikeMan Financial Services

South Africa’s transport sector and infrastructure has continued to grow and live up to global standards over the years.From the days of animal drawn carts to trains and then minibuses,the industry has certainly come a long way.This scenario therefore means both public and private transport have helped and contributed significantly to developing and sustaining this sector and improving the lives of people.It is therefore not surprising that other transport sector entities have ventured into providing financial services. One business concern doing exactly this is Bike Man Financial Services.

Established in 2007,the BikeManSA as a dealership and retailer of second hand and customised bikes has been growing and expanding at an impressive rate. Having started from only selling bikes,BikeManSA now includes a workshop,a body spray shop and has also become a registered finance. BikeManSA provides credit which can be used as bike finance or even personal finance.This cash amount which goes to a maximum amount of R300,000 can be used in any way you want.As part of personal finance, clients can also access FinYou which is a point of sale loan application s olution for retailers and service providers.

BikeMan Financial Services also offers commercial finance which is designed to meet growing demand for better solutions that finance equipment and finding rental assets in a much easier way.To qualify for this credit, you need a signed credit application form,copy of ID of directors,cancelled company cheque, a company letterhead, copy of company registration documents, personal assets and liabilities,3 months bank statements,up to date management accounts,latest audited financial statements as well as debtors and creditors age analysis.

BikeMan Financial Services can be contacted on 0125433121

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