FNB Car Financing Benefits

FNB Car Financing Benefits

There are 3 options offered through FNB Financing: 

  • Dealership Finance
  • Private Vehicle Finance
  • Leisure Finance

An option to finance a vehicle older than 20 years is also available through Private Vehicle Finance.

What other benefits are offered by FNB Car Financing?


You have the option of being able to deal with someone face-to-face, which may help to make it simpler to understand the entire process. If you prefer a faster process, you can simply visit the FNB website and apply for finance.

Better Features

You may have the opportunity to access your loan through an online account. This allows you to gain access to this information if you need it quickly and in the most convenient way.

Lower interest rates

You may be able to secure a lower interest rate by borrowing from the same company that has your mortgage or business loan. FNB Car Financing ensures that you get a personalised interest rate that is designed you unique needs.

Variety of choice

With FNB Car Financing you can choose the type of vehicle finance that will best suit your needs.  You also have the freedom of choosing the vehicle of your choice.

Immediate application feedback. 

As soon as you have been approved, you will be notified.

More cash to spend

By getting finance through FNB Car Financing, you can use your cash to meet other financial needs.

You may get to benefit from optional value added products, such as:

Retrenchment Policy, which pays up to 9 monthly instalments when you are involuntarily retrenched and remain unemployed.

Deposit Protector, which pays back your deposit if the vehicle is stolen or written off.

Courtesy Car Policy, which pays for the use of a courtesy car for up to 21 days if your car’s stolen, written off or damaged.

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