FNB Car Loan – Facilitating Simple Car Purchases

FNB Car Loan – Facilitating Simple Car Purchases

FNB Car Loan- facilitating simple car purchases

First National Bank (FNB) is known for being one of the banking institutions at the forefront of the financial sector in South Africa. Widely known for providing quality and innovative banking solutions, FNB offers a range of solutions for clients. 

The FNB Car Loan is a credit facility offered to South Africans who are looking to buy a car. FNB understands that not all South Africans can afford to buy cars using cash upfront. This is why it’s so important for most South Africans to be able to get access to an FNB Car Loan.

The FNB Car Loan can be used to buy a car through a variety of channels.

Dealership Finance:

This is a tailor-made vehicle finance solution. It allows you to buy a vehicle that is up to 10 years old, from a dealership. This type of finance also lets you finance a vehicle for at least R30 000 after deposit. You’ll get an answer on the outcome of your application within 30 minutes.

Private Vehicle Finance:

Private Vehicle Finance allows you to buy or sell a vehicle privately. You are given the option to finance a vehicle up to 20 years old. In addition, immediate feedback is available and FNB allows you to finance a vehicle for at least R30 000 after deposit. As an added benefit, registration of the vehicle will be handled by FNB.

Jan Kleynhans, the head of vehicle finance at First National Bank (FNB) says: “You might be able to get more value for money when buying privately than you would if you bought from a dealer, because the vehicle has already depreciated and included in the price would be all the extras that the initial owner paid for upfront”.

Leisure Finance: 

This is finance to buy a leisure vehicle from a dealership.

What are the qualifying criteria?

  • Be permanently employed
  • Be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers’ licence
  • Earn at least R6000 a month and have a clear credit record
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