Benefits of the FNB Car Finance Calculator

Benefits of the FNB Car Finance Calculator

Using a car finance calculator can be a handy way of getting a better idea of how much you will be spending every month to repay you’re the loan on your car. First National Bank (FNB) offers simple car finance solutions that can be offered at personalised rates to suit individual needs.

The FNB Car Finance Calculator is a handy tool offered by the bank for simplifying the car finance process.

What are some of the benefits of using the FNB Car Finance Calculator?

Accuracy- Using the FNB Car Finance Calculator can help you work out more accurate figures. It’s a straight-forward process and can save you time that you would have wasted by running around trying to find accurate amounts.

Save money– You can compare various car finance options and get a better idea of costs using the calculator. You’ll be able to know if your budget can handle car payments or not.

Know your options– You can compare your options. You can avoid having to pay high interest rates because of your car loan knowledge.

How the FNB Car Finance Calculator works:

The vehicle repayment calculator helps you calculate the monthly repayments you’d have to make for a given vehicle loan and loan terms. Once you’ve calculated the price of the vehicle that suits your pocket, you can apply for finance online and get an online reply within seconds.

Fill in the following details:

  • Purchase Price
  • Total Value of extras
  • Deposit
  • Finance amount
  • Term
  • Interest Rate
  • Balloon %
  • Balloon amount

Start by specifying the purchase price of the vehicle you are interested in buying. Then use the sliders to vary the extras, deposit, rate, term etc. by sliding the buttons to the left or right.

All calculations are guidelines only.

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