Standard Bank Vehicle Finance – Competitive Vehicle Finance

Standard Bank Vehicle Finance – Competitive Vehicle Finance

Standard Bank is a leading African-focused financial services organisation with a 151-year history in South Africa. The institution currently has operations in 20 countries on the African continent and provides quality financial services. 

Standard Bank, one of the foremost banking institutions in South Africa, has a developed and highly efficient vehicle finance system. Standard Bank Vehicle Finance specialises in transport, mining, agriculture, construction, public sector, medical, IT and Fleet management services.

Banking services include current accounts, credit cards, savings and investments, vehicle finance as well as various other financial services.

Standard Bank Vehicle Finance services offered by Standard Bank are at competitive and designed to provide South Africans with a seamless experience, with no hassles.

What benefits are offered by Standard Bank Vehicle Finance?

  • Flexible repayments
  • Fleet management
  • Full range of competitively priced vehicle insurance products

Instalment Sale:

This option allows the customer to buy vehicles and to pay for them over an agreed period of time. Ownership will pass automatically to the customer once the final payment has been made. Standard Bank offers this finance as competitive rates while repayment period usually extend over a period of up to 72 months.

Financial Lease:

This allows the customer to use an asset while paying for it over an agreed period. You are able to lease the vehicle for as long as you need to. Ownership does not automatically pass once final payment is made, however.

Interim Agreement:

This is an agreement which regulates the financial relationship between Vehicle and Asset Finance and a customer as an interim solution until such time as it is superseded by a main agreement. This agreement is useful while the main agreement is being clarified.

To apply for Standard Bank Vehicle Finance, you can apply online or you can call the Standard Bank Branch Contact Centre on 0860 000 000 or 0860 101 341.

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