Pawn your Car and Still Drive it in South Africa

Pawn your Car and Still Drive it in South Africa

Pawn While You Drive:

A financial institution based in Randburg, Pawn while you Drive specialises in being able to assist with a quick cash injection for your company or personal use.

You are able to get a cash loan against your car while you drive it.

How does this work?

To qualify for this service, the car needs to be paid off and in your name.

You are able to apply for a loan between R20 000 and R500 000, which you can use for your own needs. Whether you need some extra finance to help you pay for a medical emergency or for your studies, this type of service may be highly useful for you.

You can simply apply on the Pawn While You Drive website ( for the loan that will suit your individual needs. You will then need to provide details about the car that you own. Depending on the valuation procedures as well as your individual affordability assessment, the lender will approve your application.

What are the benefits?

You are able to get access to cash much faster than you would from a traditional lending institution

You are offered the convenience of being able to apply for a loan based on the collateral which you are able to put up as security for the loan.

You may be able to get a large sum of money without too many hoops to jump through. Most lenders strive for same day pay-outs, so you may have cash in your account within 24 hours- giving you the financial freedom to meet any urgent needs you may have.

Your credit history is not such a big factor when it comes to your application.

To contact PawnWhileYouDrive, call: 071 658 1779 or 011 056 5736


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