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The Deutsche bank is an indigenous German bank. Founded in 1870 in Berlin, the bank was born out of a mission to promote and facilitate trade relations between German and international markets. This esteemed bank extended its business footprint into South Africa in 1979 with a representative office  and this presence grew when Deutsche bank acquired a local stockbroker Ivor Jones, Roy and Co and established a branch in Johannesburg South Africa in 1998 . Deutsche bank South Africa has specialised over the years in global markets dealing with equities, global markets dealing with debt, global banking, warrants, waves, single stock futures, exchange traded funds dealing with onshore and exchange traded funds trading in offshore.

The  global markets equities develops innovative finance solutions that try to meet financing, investing and hedging needs of clients and most of these clients are huge corporates, governments and institutional investors.

The debt wing of the global markets has positioned Deutsche bank into a market leader in South African bonds. Deutsch bank has also become one of the leading originator of debt products in the South African market.

Deutsche bank global banking services delivers unique banking solutions to clients such as corporate finance products, asset finance as well as leasing and global transaction banking products.

The warranties, single stock futures and waves side of the business allows clients to order information material and identity  investment opportunities. Using this platform, users can gain access to global financial markets.

Exchange traded funds onshore and the exchange traded funds offshore give users useful info on investment opportunities and how best they can maximise on them.

Deutsche bank can be contacted on 011 775 7000.


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