Affordable loan, facilitating finance for blacklisted individuals

Credit and finance which allows individuals to pay back with under affordable terms remains a key requirement for a huge part of the clientele. Clients are also increasingly looking for convenience in finding a loan provider as well as convenience in the application process as well as good and friendly repayment terms , for those who are blacklisted, the need to find a client who services blacklisted customers has grown over the years.

One micro lender which has come up to meet a lot of the above client needs is Affordable loan. Affordable has become a lending house of choice for many people for many reasons. Affordable loan has developed credible relationships with leading financial brokers who specialise in sourcing finance for clients especially those who are blacklisted.This lending house has developed a quick, easy and hassle free financial offering for clients in need. By using Affordable loan, customers get access to a number of blacklisted loan providers as opposed to approaching them on an individual basis.

To qualify for this loan, a prospective client must be a South African citizen, be employed for 2 months or longer with the same organisation, have a bank account in which a salary is deposited. Affordable loans however does not assist those who only earn commission as well as those under administration or debt review.

Affordable loan can be contacted on 0862401530.

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  1. James Hartnick
    James Hartnick 4 March, 2015, 08:00

    need a loan to pay my kids school fees

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