Lenroc Financial Services Loans — Creating Simple Finance Solutions

Lenroc Financial Services Loans — Creating Simple Finance Solutions

Lenroc Financial Services is a specialist provider of financial services to individuals who are in need of urgent cash loans to pay for various needs. The high cost of living that most consumers have to contend with has created a greater demand for personal loans in recent years. 

In addition, the stringent qualifying criteria of most banking institutions has made it more challenging for many people to get access to finance. The micro lending sector in South Africa has a number of institutions that specialise in the provision of cash loans.

Lenroc Financial Services is one such lender.  

By applying for a cash loans from Lenroc Financial Services, you can get access to cash loans which will be highly useful for covering the costs of car repairs, rent for the month or even for covering rent.

Further advantages offered by Lenroc Financial Services include not having to wait in line for hours when applying. You also won’t have to go through lengthy interviews with numerous consultants. :

Benefits offered by Lenroc Financial Services:

After approval you can get access to finance within 48 hours. The quick pay-out will go a long way towards helping you to attend to your urgent financial needs.

There are flexible repayments, which give borrowers a reasonable amount of time to repay the loan.

There are low monthly service fees, so you won’t be over-charged for the costs of servicing the loan.

Applying for the loan is simple and convenient.

Repayment methods are easy- you can repay the loan via debit order for the duration of the loan.

Interest charged on the loans by Lenroc Financial Services is in accordance with the National Credit Act and it will never exceed the maximum allowed by the NCA.


To contact Lenroc Financial Services, call: 016 363 2023

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