ECDC Short Term Finance

ECDC Short Term Finance

ECDC is a service provider for initiatives that bring with them a meaningful developmental impact on the Eastern Cape economy. 

The South African economy is a developing one. Small to Medium Enterprises need as much support as possible to foster job creation and to have a positive influence on the economy. The ECDC strives to help address various SME needs, with a dedicated system designed specifically for those in the Eastern Cape. This province is one of the poorest in the country. Businesses starting in the province face a number of challenges, which ECDC strives to address through the provision of business finance.

What kind of initiatives does the ECDC support?

  • Those that bring new jobs or that save existing ones and bring empowerment to previously disempowered communities.
  • Those that add real value to the economy.
  • Those that generate export income.
  • Those that facilitate township and rural development.

Loan amounts of up to R20 000 are offered over a repayment period of 6 months.

The ECDC provides loans at an interest rate in line with the National Credit Act.

The ECDC provides flexible and affordable business support. Repayment plans can be structured to suit specific needs.

Loans are unsecured, so applicants aren’t required to provide any form of collateral in the form of assets.

Loan applications are simple and convenient. They aren’t any lengthy and complicated application forms to fill in.

To contact ECDC, call: 043 704 5609. A trained consultant will be on hand to help you with any queries you have.

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