Discovery Credit Card – Rewarding You for Spending

Discovery Credit Card – Rewarding You for Spending

Having a credit card can be quite helpful for when you need extra access to cash. It can also be advantageous when you are facing a financial emergency. The Discovery Credit Card is an offering by Discovery, which is known to be a quality healthcare services group.  

The organisation initially started out as a small specialist health insurer. It specialises in incentivising people to be healthier and enhancing and protecting peoples’ lives. It currently covers over 5.1 million clients.

Over the years, the organisation has offered multifaceted, integrated financial services, which included the Discovery Credit Card.

Some benefits offered before you apply for a Discovery Credit Card:

  • You get up to 20% cash back for shopping
  • You can pay for day-to-day medical expenses using the Health Wallet.
  • You can earn Discovery Miles for even more rewards.
  • You can get rewards for travelling.
  • To apply for a Discovery Credit Card, you have to be a Discovery Health or Discovery Life member with Vitality. You also need to be a South African citizen or have a valid work permit.

Gold Discovery Credit Card: 

To qualify for this card, you need to earn a minimum of R80 000 a year. You get up to 55 days interest-free credit and online banking. Free travel insurance is offered and you will be expected to pay a credit facility fee of R49.00 per month.

Platinum Discovery Credit Card: 

This card is available to members who earn more than R350 000 a year. Cardholders will also be expected to pay a credit facility fee of R75. Cardholders will also get access to call centre at any time of the day. This card has better rates and higher limits.

To find out more about the Discovery Credit Card, call: 0860 11 22 73. You can also send an email to


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