The unbeatable Virgin money credit card

Virgin money credit card – The Virgin group is a British business empire started by business icon Richard Branson. With a current net worth of over five billion pounds, this constantly growing multinational business has over the years ventured into entertainment with a recording business, travel with an airline, lifestyle with a fitness center brand of business and telecommunications etc.

Because adventure and providing services and products in a manner that has not been done before is part of the Virgin DNA, Virgin decided to introduce the Virgin credit card. Applicants for this credit facility are given the privilege of choosing their credit card design and there is an option of choosing three additional secondary cards which are all linked to the main account, this allows family members whom the account holder chooses to have access to funds from the main account. Clients also get the Virgin car card which helps with fuel purchases.

To apply for the virgin credit card, clients just need to be 18 years and older, be South African citizens with a monthly income of R5000 and have a savings or cheque account. While this card does not carry annual card fees, no fee to access virgin money online and no swiping charges, the card however has a variable interest rate which is linked to the repo rate. Virgin also provides automatic lost card insurance which covers losses incurred from the main credit card from the moment a client reports loss. There is also the credit life plan insurance which costs only R1,60 for every R1000 owed and it covers the debt on the credit card account for up to R75 000 in the unfortunate circumstances of death or permanent disability. Clients should however be advised that a credit limit is a requirement that applies to this card but it entirely depends on the client’s credit score.

Prospective clients can apply for this unbeatable credit card on 011 994 0000.
virgin money credit card

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