Who Offers the Best Interest on Credit Cards?

Who Offers the Best Interest on Credit Cards?

As they’re a safer alternative to carrying around cash and provide you with that much need cash when you really don’t have it. And once you have your card your responsibility is to pay your credit card.

If you settle your outstanding balance each month, then you’ll benefit from a rewards credit card, earning air miles or cashback from day-to-day purchases. But if you don’t clear the balance in full each month, then you’ll pay interest.

Well keep your monthly costs down and not pay a cent more than you should due to interest. By taking advantage on some of these credit cards that offer the best kind of interest.


Through their Transact credit card they keep it simple by offering up to 57 days’ interest free credit when using the card. Along with fixed monthly payments and free monthly eStatments to further help you keep track on what you spend each month.

Barclaycard credit card

Unlike its other rivals on the market, the credit card offers you up to 57 days’ interest free credit and that’s longer than most providers’.

FNB Classic credit card

Offers up to 55 days’ interest free credit. This feature is also available with its FNB Premier credit card enjoy all purchases made within the first 55 days’ interest free as long as they’re fully settled by the payment due date.

Nedbank Classic

If you’re looking to decrease the amount of interest you’re paying, then you have a good chance of success with this credit card. It offers its applicants a reasonable debit interest rate.

Virgin Money credit card

Unlike many of its competitors this credit card has a variable interest rate that’s linked to the repo rate which could potentially make it one of the cheapest cards on the market.

Standard Banks Titanium credit card

It’s a premium card that offers the usual 55 days’ interest free credit and no transaction fees on purchases. Adding to that up to 55 days’ interest free credit also come as standard with Standard Bank’s Blue and Gold credit card.

Standard Bank Gold credit card

If you qualify for the card you’ll immediately get rewarded. With no transaction fees on purchases and a lower interest rate if you fail to settle your balance at the end of each month.

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