Engineering Bursaries

Engineering Bursaries

South Africa has a shortage of engineers.  More students are needed to study engineering in order to bridge this gap. As many as 74% of local construction companies are struggling to fill engineering roles.

This is evidence of the fact that the engineering shortage continues to widen.

A 2005 study by the Engineering Council of South Africa (Ecsa) found that South Africa had only one engineer per 3166 of the population.

This is an indication of the dire shortage faced by the country. Government aims to find ways to assist individuals, such as funding TVET (formerly FET) colleges and by offering various bursaries and scholarships for deserving students.


Educational systems in the country must be aligned to meet these infrastructure requirements. A focus is also needed to produce high quality engineers. One way of doing this is by increasing bursary spend in this core scarce skills area of business.

National Skills Fund Bursaries:

This Fund aims to increase the number of skilled workers in order to stabilise the economy and to be able to meet demands internally. It covers tuition, books, residential accommodation, study materials, travel and allowance.

Bursaries are funded in areas including:

Engineering Management

Telecommunications Field Engineering

Telecommunications Engineering

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Limpopo Department of Public Works Bursary:

With a closing date of October 2016, this bursary is available to South African students residing in Limpopo. It covers registration costs, tuition, meals, accommodation and books. After completion of the studies, the student must serve the number of year’s equivalent to years of sponsorship.

Engineering fields covered by this bursary include:

IT Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Building Engineering

Quantity Surveying

Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering





AVI Bursary

This is a partial bursary that provides funds to individuals pursuing studies in Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical) at South African TVET colleges.



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