Financial Market Analysis through

Financial Market Analysis through provides technical analysis on the financial markets by Colin Abrams, who is an independent technical analyst and a professional trader. was established in 2002, with their flagship product our weekly Analysis Report. This is a comprehensive, 15-page research newsletter, available each week, which focuses mainly on the JSE (Johannesburg Securities Exchange), as well as the US and other overseas stock markets, commodities, and currencies.

The analysis is professional and accurate. And, because they are independent, they have no vested interest in the market moving up or down – that’s why they tell it like it is.

Their products include two different newsletters; trading/investment courses; as well as free research and other value adds for executing trades on their affiliated trading platform. Analysis Report is a stock market advisory service for traders and investors alike. It uses technical analysis (or “charting”) as its primary method of forecasting the financial markets.

Technical Analysis forecasts market and price direction by focusing on the price action itself, as well as the underlying volume. Repeatable price patterns, once identified, allow one to profit from them consistently, on an ongoing basis.

It offers newsletters and the aim is to:

  • To help traders and investors make money in the financial markets. (This is achieved by offering independent and precise market advice. You will always be aware of what’s happening on the market, and what to expect next).
  • To help traders and investors avoid losses in the financial markets. (By being warned of significant trend changes, such as major market declines ahead of time, and as they happen).

A secondary, but important benefit is the educational value. (Traders will learn: How to apply technical analysis to the market, different trading methods, and, refining their existing skills – like knowing when to enter, setting stop-losses and profit targets).

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