How to get rid of investment scams  

How to get rid of investment scams  

All investment scams have one thing in common. They claim to be able to offer high levels of return for very little risk. The best possible way to rid yourself of an investment scam is to know how to avoid one. 

Especially due to the internet and digital communications of today, investment scams can be much more complex. Making some of these scams to be so convincing whether if some scammers have very convincing websites and other online presence, which makes them look like a legitimate company. 

Therefore get rid of investment scams by  
  • Choosingeveryday investments that can be bought and sold through well-known brokerage firms or mutual fund companies.
  • Seek independent financial advice from a regulated firm.
  • Reject any unsolicited calls, emails, text messages or visitors to your door. Legitimate investment companies will not cold call, or contact you out of the blue.
  • Don’t feel pressured by anyone into doing so or forced to make a quick decision. 

Also since property purchase is seen as a form of investment fraud and investment scams thrive even in the real estate market. From developers who expect payment for work not done or a pretend agent who embezzles money.  

Therefore when searching to buy or rent property. 
  • In dealing with an agent, buyers and sellers must check that an agent is practising legally. They should be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and have a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. This must reflect that the agent is licensed to practice for the current year.  
  • Always obtain certainty on the banking details where payments or deposits are being made and check that they’resent through a bank or lawyer. And never pay a deposit before you’ve viewed a property.
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