First National Bank Personal Loans

First National Bank Personal Loans

First National Bank Personal Loans

FNB is a specialist loan provider offering loans that are ideal for you now, plus the flexibility to change as your needs change. Offering Flexible product options – tailored for you.

Flexible products – their product range offers a variety of interest rate structures, and risk management products.

Tailored around you – they structure your loan to suit your needs. When your needs change, they adjust the loan for you.

They make it easy for you to adapt your loan to your financial needs without incurring any penalties or additional costs. A perfect financing option for every stage in your life and its quick and straightforward.

Think for a moment about the financing decisions you may be facing over the next 5 years: from managing your day-to-day cash flow to paying for your dream home. How you structure your loan can help you manage your financial challenges and maximise the accumulation of wealth through your ability to pay your loan back regularly.

Get your short term cash loan with FNB with no application processes to complete! It’s the most simplified way to find a loan! Take up this incredible credit facility at any FNB ATM, branch or through their advanced banking channel.

The sum of cash you qualify for is reliant on your credit profile and subject to credit approval. Utilize the cash loan for pretty much anything, from covering unexpected crisis to taking a little vacation.

FNB offer adaptable loans those are repayable over 31 days. These can tie you over till your next pay date.

You can have access to your short term cash loan instantly in your Personal Check Account, Smart Account or Easy Account. So when you feel your bank balance is looking a little slim, and you still have a number of accounts to pay – you can access cash directly though FNB and get an instant short term loan, to cover your financial obligations, and keep your credit score shining.

Here are some of the services you get from FnB:

  • Short-term personal loans
  • Top 5 leading banks in SA
  • NCR approved & registered
  • Affordable short-term loans
  • 31 Days repayment term
  • Flexible or Tailored


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