First Steps In Innovation And Entrepreneurship

First Steps In Innovation And Entrepreneurship

First steps in innovation and entrepreneurship

In todays’ economic climate entrepreneurship is seen as a necessity in regards to creation of employment. And entrepreneurship within the economy is so important that it has been dubbed as the next big thing.

To such an extent that people feel it needs to be taught as a subject in schools. As it has been said that most people have been trained from their schooling years to the time they leave school to have a mindset of go to school and get a job. Rather than go to school and start your own business by seeing things differently and providing solutions where there are gaps. This in turn can help create employment and provide economic development.

Creativity is also at the root of entrepreneurship, as it’s the ability to see things differently and to provide solutions where there are gaps. To build your creativity skills, intentionally try something new. Like watch a movie in a different language. Travel to an unexpected spot or talk to people that are out of your circle of comfort.

All these can lead to characteristics of an entrepreneurial economy of high levels of innovation combined with high level of entrepreneurship. This can result in the creation of new ventures as well as new sectors and industries.

Just by looking at the gig economy digitilisation has changed the way we work. Thanks to technology trends such as high-speed internet access, collaboration tools and video conferencing. People are able to start their own online businesses from home leading to the creation of both self-employment and wage-employment opportunities.

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