FNB Online Banking 101

FNB Online Banking 101

Internet banking is becoming a mainstream activity in South Africa, but a study has found that many of the country’s citizens prefer visiting a branch to using online platforms. Despite this, the African continent is seeing a steady growth in the number or people using mobile banking.

Statistics show that 14 million banked people have access to the internet, while 2.3 million actively make use of internet banking.

74% of South African internet users use computers for online payments while 32% use smartphones.

FNB Online Banking is a simple tool that is used by about 1.5 million FNB customers.

Why are FNB Customers using FNB online banking?

  • You get access to 24/7 banking, so you won’t have to wait for branch operating hours to transact.
  • It offers a simple way to manage your money
  • You get to enjoy exclusive access to extensive banking services ranging from investing, insuring and foreign exchange to prepaid products and ADSL packages.
  • You can view detailed balances and transaction history
  • You can transfer funds between accounts
  • You can make payments
  • You can send money with eWallet
  • Send and receive global payments
  • Order new smartphones and tablets
  • Buy prepaid electricity
  • Place notice on your savings account
  • Buy prepaid airtime
  • Schedule payments
  • Access bank statements
  • Cancel, order and activate FNB cards, among various other services

Online Safety

Transacting online requires one to be extra vigilant.  There is no doubt that security is a major issue.

According to a Trend Micro report, there are just three malware applications that make up the majority of attacks on the financial system in South Africa. This spyware can compromise consumers’ private information by copying password and storing information typed. The latest FNB scam alerts have also notified customers of such spyware that threatens their online security.

Security experts have found that South Africans often fail to use strong passwords on their gadgets etc. This is something that can curb online banking scams.

To register for FNB Online Banking, simply visit www.fnb.co.za

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