SBI-State bank of India South Africa

India is the worlds second most populous country after china. With a population of over a billion people, the Indian ethnicity has spread across the world emphasising the Indian belief that there is life in movement and death in stagnation. With such a vast pool of human resource, India has made advancements in education and technological developments and it now has a vibrant high-tech sector. While the Indian economy has uniquely experienced growth due to internal demand rather than exporting its goods and services, this has not stopped the entrepreneurship and industrious spirit of the Indian people to spread all over the world. It is however important to note that this Indian business acumen has been supported by one reliable banking  institution, the state bank of India (SBI).

State bank of  India (SBI) was established about two hundred years ago and its considered to be the largest Indian commercial bank with regards to assets, deposits, profits, branches, customers and employees. In South Africa, SBI was first established in Johannesburg in march 1997, to-date this esteemed bank has established an office in Durban with marketing offices in Cape Town and Lenasia. The SBIs mission from the onset was to be a business facilitator between the business community in South Africa and India and be a banking intermediary between banks in India and the business community in South Africa.

SBI in South Africa has established an enviable list of business services and products in corporate finance, international trade, project finance, remittances and correspondent banking. SBI is also an active service provider in the national payment system, electronic fund transfers and ATM debit cards.

State bank of India (SBI) has indeed proven to be the banking bridge between South Africa and India.

SBI South Africa can be contacted on 0800982360 and a team of trained and dedicated staff will be on hand to assist clients.

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