12 Month Loans South Africa

12 Month Loans South Africa

12 month loans South Africa

Cash loans (also called: short term loans, fast loans, easy loans, personal cash loans) are small short term unsecured loans (3, 6, 12 or 18 month loans), which means that the cash loans are not secured against an asset like your home or car.

At Mr Cash Loans we believe it is important that consumers, who are looking for finance opportunities, to have a variety of options available to them. Whether you need a short term cash loan to assist you in paying bills or unexpected expenses, or you would like to take out a loan to help you pay for your education, we want to provide you with fast and easy loans solutions.

Cash loans can be a great way to deal with unexpected expenses or buying some luxury item that you don’t have the time to save for. They do however support responsible lending and will never grant a loan that you will not be able to afford.

Even though our cash loans are unsecured, there is certain basic criterion that needs to be met in order to get your cash loans approved
How do cash loans work?

The application and approval process is quite simple. You start out by completing our online cash Loan Application form, and we will guide you through the rest of the steps in getting your cash loans approved and paid within 24 to 48 hours.

Will I qualify for cash loans from your Company?

There really is no way for us to say whether you will qualify for one of our loan options, unless we have your application in process. So the easiest way to find out whether you will qualify or not, is to complete our online Loan Application form and they will be in contact with you ASAP.

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