Get FNB Life Cover

Get FNB Life Cover

Apart from the great banking products that FNB offers clients, you can now add something else to the list, life cover. You can get FNB life cover at a very affordable rate, and in some cases this is very important to have. Life cover will not only allow you to be rest assured that your family will be taken care of, but also that your outstanding debt will be covered with FNB.

FNB Life Cover for a Home Loan

You have the choice of either accepting FNB Life’s competitive Life Assurance quote called Mortgage Protection Plan which will cover the outstanding balance of the loan, or you could insure the value of the home loan with an acceptable underwriter, subject to the policy having sufficient cover to pay off the outstanding balance, or registered bond amount, at the time of cession. Please note that FNB can reject any proposed credit insurance if it is not suitable.

You can take out a mortgage protected plan with FNB, and this depend on the value of the property. If the property is valued at less than R1 million, the maximum cover will be capped at 1 million amount of property. You may take our protection for cumulative maximum of R2 million per applicant. FNB will provide you with a competitive quote, and this will cover your outstanding home loan amount in the event of your untimely death or permanent disability. The premiums of playable, on a monthly basis depending on the amount of your home loan.

Getting life cover is always a good idea, as you don’t want your loved ones to sit with any additional data having the ability to settle your account. Financial trouble is something that you want to avoid in the event that you are no longer there, which is why you should consider the life cover with FNB.

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