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Global is a term that refers to the whole world. It is not surprising then that a financial institution in South Africa named itself Global financial services. This is because while this micro lending firm is established and based in South Africa, its business, service and product scope has taken into consideration global financial challenges confronting many people and the existing financial climate in South Africa. One of the challenges and factors in the current economic environment is the legislative framework which allows financial institutions to blacklist clients who default on payments, have judgements against them and generally carry bad credit records. The consequences of being blacklisted are very severe because it makes an individuals chances of borrowing from the bank almost non-existent. This described scenario is what necessitated the formation of Global financial services.

Global finance was established in the year 2000 with a key focus of being a specialist in providing loans for blacklisted people or those with bad credit. This personal unsecured loan which goes up to R100,000 with a repayment period of up to 60 months has helped thousands of people to consolidate their debt, start their own businesses, pay for studies, finance weddings, pay for holidays, renovate homes, buy furniture etc.

To qualify for the global finance credit, a client needs to be older than 20 years with a regular income of R1,500 per month, be permanently employed and show proof of income, be in possession of a South African ID and bank account and a client should not be under debt counseling or administration.

Clients can obtain a no obligation quote online or call global finance on 0227153339.

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  1. Bridget Makhubela
    Bridget Makhubela 2 June, 2015, 14:22

    do you have short term loans and what is your criteria for this

    thanks and regards

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