Bridge Short Term Loan

Bridge Short Term Loan

Bridge Short Term Loan

Since the middle of the 1990’s, Bridge has been a leader in the provision of short term loans in South Africa. At present, the company has over 100 branches with more than 850 employees serving South Africans who cannot get micro finance from the big lenders.

Bridge offers loans up R15 000 with the cash being instantly available. The interest rates are affordable while the repayment is simple and easy.

It involves the filling out of a short form and its submission. The company is dedicated to providing financial solutions to all people whenever they are required.

For over two decades, Bridge has been helping South Africans with making their dreams reality.

They can help you cover unexpected emergency expenses easily and quickly with no questions asked. They can provide full assistance with paying for the education of your children. They can provide the micro finance which you need for building a home for your family.

They are here to give you that little extra which makes everything achievable. They use our expertise and experience to provide the best micro finance which matches the needs of our clients fully.

They offer competitive rates and flexible repayment.

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