ZARfin loans, debt solution engineers

ZARfin loans, debt solution engineers

ZARfin loans has developed a glowing reputation in the financial services market for being an effective credit mediator and financial expert. Zarfin has assisted thousands of clients to secure debt relief through its mediation efforts  but Zar has also stretched its product and service range by offering its growing clientele personal loans, quick payday loans and home loans.

The Zarfin creditor mediation package is structured in a very unique way. This mediation intervention is not a debt review process and there is no court order involved and there is no flagging on ITC. It’s a flexible mediation effort and clients only pay minus or plus 60% of the total current monthly instalments without any demand for upfront fees. Clients are also allowed to pay one instalment for all your debt.

Zars has also ventured into the provision of fast and easy personal loans to clientele. The Zarfin short-term personal loans offer clients finance from a minimum amount of R500 to a maximum amount of R10,000 with repayment periods running between 1 to 12 months. The personal loans category offers clients credit up to a maximum amount of R120,000 with repayment periods running between 6 to 72 months.

This institution is indeed South Africa’s premier personal loans origination and debt mediation company. Zarfin can be contacted on 0218289406.

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