Union Loans – Providing Affordable Credit

Union Loans – Providing Affordable Credit

Union Loans is a financial institution that was founded in South Africa in 2012. This came after the founders identified the need for the working class to have more freedom in their finances. 

Why choose Union Loans?

The lender offers cash advances and gives individuals a flexible option to repay the loan on their next payday.  In addition to offering payday loans, Union Loans gives clients an opportunity to see their progress monthly as they take control of their finance with a monthly credit assessment provided by Union Loans.

As a short term finance provider, Union Loans gives individuals fast access to cash. After approval, you should expect to have the cash in your account within 48 hours.

The loans are easy to qualify for as there are no strict lending criteria. Union Loans instead takes your affordability criteria into account when deciding on your loan application.

The convenience offered by micro lending institutions is unparalleled. In previous years individuals looking for personal loans had to visit their bank and spend hours waiting in long queues to get access to loans. With Union Loans, there is no need to fill out numerous application forms. You can instead do everything from the comfort of your home. You can also benefit from more flexible operating hours as you can apply online at any time of the day.

Union Loans also offers flexibility as there are no restrictions placed on how you choose to use the money that you get. You can use it to pay for education costs, for renovations to your home, for car repairs or for paying for your medical bills.

Your responsibility will be to make sure that you repay the loan within the allotted repayment term.

To find out more about Union Loans and to apply, visit their website here: www.unionloans.co.za

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