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The organised financial services and credit industry was besieged by fear of  loss since inception. The idea of providing credit or loans to individuals or organisations without having a full guarantee of them paying back is a question that had no answer until the arrival of  the collateral measure  in the 1980s.  Collateral has proven since its launch to be legally watertight as well as being the best way of reducing credit risk exposure by lenders.

One company that tapped into this critical niche industry in the financial services market is Gold and Finance. Living by the motto of “copied by many and matched by no one” Gold and Finance has immensely contributed to the financial services industry by providing valuable knowledge and expertise in the collateral financing and jewellery buying industry. Since its arrival, Gold and Finance has established branches in the cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town in South Africa.

Gold and Finance has specialised in providing short, medium and long term credit using  clients valuables like estate, gold, silver, platinum  jewellery, gold watches and other fine watches, gold coins, fine art etc. Using these valuables, they are able to carry out an assessment of the value of the collateral in the secondary. Once the value is established, clients are then allowed to  secure immediate loans or even convert their valuables into cash.

Because of the excellence and professionalism exhibited by this financing house over the years, it has  received recognition  from local and international  industry institutions like the Jewellery council of south Africa, college of gemology and the gemological institute of America.

Gold and Finance can be contacted on 011 883 9972 or 011 784 5989.
Collateral loans

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