How Has Computer Science Back-Impacted Games?

How Has Computer Science Back-Impacted Games?

There is no denying the fact that the gaming industry has evolved significantly. Considering all of the changes that have been made, some individuals may be of the opinion that there are ways that computer science has back-impacted games.  

Online play 

While online play has its own pros and cons, such as making it easier to game on-the-go, in some ways it has reduced the amount of times gamers would physically meet to compete in the name of fun. The reality is that better internet connectivity has facilitated better gaming, which means that people are less likely to want to head over to a friend’s place to enjoy gaming. The days of kids visiting friends to play their favourite games are slowly disappearing. 


Pixelated graphics are a thing of the past. With the Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality taking over, gamers are enjoying better graphics. 3D and VR games are popular. What this may mean in the near future is that computer-controlled characters in games will be able to mimic human behaviour, leaving gamers contending even harder at each level. The days of having predictable games will be gone. Time will only tell how this will affect violent games. There have been a number of detractors who have been against games featuring violence, in the interest of advocating for the protection of children. Chances are that they are more likely to find even more fault with these latest developments, especially if it means that children may be exposed to hyper-realistic blood and gore in AI-enabled games.  

Mobile Gaming 

This type of gaming has made it easy to game anywhere and at any time. With more drivers being distracted due to the use of smart devices while driving, this may be one of the ways in which computer science has back-impacted games. Rather than setting time aside within the week to enjoy gaming, technological advancements have made it possible to access games at any time.

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