How to start trading

How to start trading

What is trading? 

Trading involves participation in financial markets. The aim is to do better than traditional buy-and-hold investment strategies by buying and selling stocks.  

How to start trading 

If you want to know how to start trading, a key thing to keep in mind is that it requires strategic planning. You need to have a plan before you start trading. It’s important to identify the kind of investor you are and to be clear about your risk tolerance.  

Keep in mind that to be successful at it, it should be approached as a business. Establish your reasons for trading. For instance, are you doing it as a way to expand your portfolio? Are you doing it to make money fast? Do you know why you want to start trading? If you can answer these questions, this will go a long way towards directing how well you do. Don’t get emotional when you start trading. Be aware of potential risks involved too. A rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t approach it as your sole method of building wealth. It carries more risk and it requires more effort. 

Do your research before placing a trade in a Live market. Know the terminology, such as what a stock is, stock price (share) is and outlooks. Stocks are traded on an exchange and you need to be clear about how you want to trade. It’s important to understand how to react to market moves. Will you be using the services of a broker or will you be trading online? No matter what you decide, be sure to do your due diligence. 

It’s vital to consider your finances because this will determine how much money you actually have to invest. Only invest an amount of money that you are prepared to lose. Research a company’s earning reports as well. 


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