Lamna financial services, providers of secured lending

The financial markets especially those looking for credit and finance have always a desire to have lending houses who offer credit in a confidential manner, through a convenient process with flexible repayment and other conditions. One South Africa financial institution living up to these client needs is Lamna. Lamna is a financing company that provides confidential short-term loans against a clients personal valuables.

Lamna has become the preferred credit solution provider for many clients who need short-term finance, who have valuable assets and don’t want to sell them, who wouldn’t want to submit a payslip, who don’t want to be subjected to credit checks, who need a quick, discreet and confidential response and generally don’t want to go through the hassle of borrowing from the banks. Lamna lends against clients valuables such as luxury watches, cars, jewelry which can be in gold or silver as well as artwork and antiques.

To access the Lamna credit, prospective clients can fill in a quick online form, based on the provided information, an indicative offer is made which is subject to a final inspection of the goods, once that is done a client is allowed to sign the final loan agreement which must be accompanied by copy of ID and proof of residence. The funds are then electronically transferred and valuables are stored away for the term of the loan. Interest on these loans is repayable at the end of the agreed loan term.

Lamna can be contacted on 0861112866.

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