Letsatsi Finance Consolidation Loans

Letsatsi Finance Consolidation Loans

Established in 1999, Letsatsi Finance is a registered credit provider that provides a range of services to South Africans who are in need of access to fast cash solutions. Through its network of over 40 branches nationwide the institution is able to provide affordable, honest financial products. 

One of the services offered by Letsatsi Finance is the consolidation loan.

What do Letsatsi Finance Consolidation Loans have to offer?

This loan solution allows you to repay all your expenses with debt consolidation. You can repay debts such as: personal loans, store cards and credit cards under one consolidated loan.

Up to R100 000 is provided, with the repayment term extended to 36 months.

You are able to benefit from being able to pay only one loan amount instead of multiple loans. There is the possibility of getting to pay a lower instalment amount with lower interest rates. This may also help to improve your credit rating.

What you need to apply:

  • Valid original South African ID
  • Latest 2 months’ payslips
  • Latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • Settlement letters

When should you apply for Letsatsi Finance Consolidation loans?

  • If you are in arrears with your accounts
  • If you are listed with the credit bureau
  • If you are battling to manage your loans and debts

What other services does Letsatsi Finance offer?

  • Short term loans
  • Long term loans
  • Payday loans

More South Africans are drowning in debt. The high cost of living is a major contributory factor towards this. Statistics have shown that more consumers in the country are relying on credit solutions to be able to meet some of their basic needs. Individuals are applying for credit rehabilitation at an equally alarming rate. Debt consolidation may be helpful for getting out of credit.

To contact Letsatsi Finance, call: 011 802 4073

Visit their website here: www.letsatsifinance.co.za


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