LoanfinderSA – Servicing Dynamic Financial Needs

LoanfinderSA – Servicing Dynamic Financial Needs

The ability to obtain credit is very useful for tough months when financial burdens weigh heavy on many peoples’ minds.  It’s this ability that enables individuals to handle expenses that may arise unexpectedly without having to worry too much. Obtaining credit can also help with easing financial stress temporarily and can provide individuals with alternative solutions to financial challenges. It’s a known fact that seeking a reliable and suitable credit provider can sometimes be a tricky process. Finding a trustworthy and efficient lender is of paramount importance. A business entity that successfully fulfils this role is LoanfinderSA. Its ability to understand the dynamic financial circumstances of South African households has served it well by placing it head and shoulders above the rest. For over three years, LoanfinderSA has supplied 4 billion Rands’ worth of loans. An estimated 60 000 applications are processed every year.

A sought after credit provider, LoanfinderSA provides cash loans of up to R150 000. Clients with poor credit ratings are also serviced by the financial institution. A recent service added to LoanfinderSA’s facilities is a partnership with XDS to bring clients a full detailed credit report. Taking its services beyond just credit provision, LoanfinderSA goes the extra mile by providing legal support when clients are confronted with legal challenges. This helps with ensuring that repayments are not hampered by legal challenges faced by clients.

The exclusive 3-in-1 plan consists of a 24 month legal and I.D. Assist, credit report and a free loan-finding service.

LoanfinderSA can be contacted on: 021 815 4600.

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