Makala Finance – Specialist Payday Loan Provider

Makala Finance – Specialist Payday Loan Provider

Have you ever needed fast access to cash? Maybe you need to pay for your tertiary registration costs, or you need to pay for repairs on your car. Getting fast access to cash in such situations can be ideal.

Turning to banks can be helpful in such situations, but what do you do when this isn’t an option? Having bad credit is an easy way of getting disqualified for getting access to personal loans from a bank. The good news is that more micro lenders are available in the industry, giving South African more options for their financial needs.

Makala Finance is a financial services provider specialising in payday loans.

Operating only in metropolitan areas, and currently mainly covering Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Gauteng, Makala Finance offers payday loans up to a maximum of R2000.

Application processes are simple and can be completed online. Makala Finance prides itself in providing efficient solutions, so the institution also operates a responsible, paperless environment.

Loans can be approved within one hour and pay-outs may be made on the same day.

What are the requirements for application?

  • Provide a valid South African ID
  • Provide your most recent payslip
  • Provide your latest 2 months’ bank statement

Blacklisted clients are also welcome to apply, so there are no ITC checks.

Makala Finance is responsible lender, so loans are only granted to individuals who can afford to make repayments comfortably.

By choosing Makala Finance you get to benefit from fast and efficient service. Applying for a Makala Finance loan is also convenient – you can do it from the comfort of your home or without having to leave your office. Once you’ve been approved for a loan you’ll have the financial freedom to use it however you choose.

Contact Makala Finance by calling 011 312 7741



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