We Recommend Pick ‘n Pay Financial Services

We Recommend Pick ‘n Pay Financial Services

Pick ‘n Pay is a well-known supermarket chain in South Africa and they have hundreds of brands nationwide. They now offer financial services to the customers, including services like the retail savings bonds, cash withdrawals and more.

Pick ‘n Pay financial services make it easy for customers to transact and complete many functions that they would normally had to do separately. For example, you need to go and stand in long queues to receive your social grants every month, and Pick ‘n Pay accepts the SASSA cards at all. There are two points, which means that social grant beneficiaries can use these cards to purchase groceries or withdraw cash.

You can also use the opportunity to invest in RSA retail savings bonds, which offers an affordable and secure, risk-free investment bond. If you’re a Nedbank customer you can find a kiosk at more than 100 Pick ‘n Pay stores across the country, which provides you with access to banking service and a range of Nedbank’s products. You can apply for cheque accounts, personal loans, credit cards and more.

You can also withdraw cash from your debit or your credit card at any point are. This is convenient, safe and often very cheap alternative to using a traditional ATM. With Pick ‘n Pay Protect Plus, you can have a range of benefits that will cover many of your potential misfortunes. In addition to this, you can also send and receive money, buy prepaid airtime, buy prepaid electricity, deposit and withdraw your money, and make payments.

With Pick ‘n Pay financial services you will save a lot of time and effort as you can do multiple transactions in store. With no fees and convenience, we can definitely recommend them.

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