FNB Loans – An Overview

FNB Loans – An Overview

First National Bank (FNB) is at the forefront of innovative and quality banking solutions. As the oldest bank in South Africa, FNB has established a trusted reputation for providing a range of transactional banking and credit solutions, among other products and services. 

One of the reliable services offered by the bank are FNB Loans solutions.

A variety of FNB Loans are offered which can be tailored to suit unique individual needs.

More about FNB Loans:

Revolving Loans

FNB customers with an active FNB Cheque account can apply for Revolving Loans using FNB Online banking or branch banking. This type of loan lets customers access the funds they need at any time once they have paid up to 15% of the Revolving Loan. This type of loan can be regarded as an “open” credit facility. Monthly debit orders can be set up to repay the loan and customers pay a minimal monthly fee they use the loan.

Temporary Loan

This is a flexible loan that can be repaid within 31 days. There are no application forms required to apply and the amount you qualify for is based on the individual’s credit profile and credit approval. Applying for the loan is simple and can be done via an FNB ATM, at a branch or through the digital banking channel. Funds are available immediately after approval.

Personal Loan

Credit of up to R150 000 is offered, with a repayment term of up to 60 months. Individuals are able to get a personalised interest rate as well as a quick pay-out. Further benefits include fixed monthly repayments, a Take-A-Break facility in January as well as no penalties for early settlement.

Student Loan

Students registered at South African tertiary institutions are offered loans from R4000 to R80 000. The loan can be used to cover tuition fees, books and campus accommodation. Approved students will only have to pay the interest portion while studying and the rest after graduation.

Home Loans

FNB Loans has created various Home Loan solutions, designed to suit individual needs, such as Smart Bond and Shari’ah Home Loans, among others.

For more about FNB Loans, visit www.fnb.co.za

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