MBD, credit management solutions

Obtaining finance on credit is a necessary measure in todays unpredictable world. Money obtained on credit has assisted many individuals, families and organisations to meet various unforseen financial commitments.The need for expert credit management solutions has therefore been always important. One business entity providing this service is MBD.

MBD is the leading independent provider of credit management solutions in Southern Africa which uses world class call centres alongside specialised legal collection services.This firm specialises in the collection of accounts receivables encompassing the entire credit cycle. With a client base in both the public and private sector, MBD also provides ancillary services to credit providers such as administration, back up service provider, consulting, data analysis and software.

With over 3,000 highly skilled and dedicated professionals countrywide, this firms service bouquet involves a deep understanding of clients needs and tailoring solutions appropriately, proven full service collections outsourcing services, debt acquisition and structuring solutions, world class IT, software and system development solutions, debtor tracking and tracing services, leading credit and risk analysis, credit related administration services, data analysis and scorecard building, consulting across the complete accounts receivable value chain etc.

With MBD, clients are assured of receiving the best in professional credit management service. MBD can be contacted on 0115606000.

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