Money Market Rates for 2016

Money Market Rates for 2016

Finding ways of saving and investing is something that occupies the minds of many people all over the world. With tight household budgets and harsh economic environments, more people are looking for alternative ways to get the most return for their money. 

The Money market is an investment opportunity that focuses on short-term debt securities (most of which mature in under a year).

It’s regarded as a more reliable form of trading.  Transactions are conducted directly within various firms’ accounts, without the need for brokers or a central trading floor. The best way to maximise returns is to make regular deposits.

The money market generally offers a safer option as it’s more predictable than the stock market. Money markets are also easily accessible to individual investors.

Money Market Accounts offer highly competitive interest rates and the funds that are deposited are available immediately. Each account also has a maximum opening deposit requirement.

About the Money Market in South Africa

Started in 1995 in South Africa, the Money Market is highly regulated and closely monitored by the Financial Services Board.

Money Market Accounts in South Africa are considered to be convenient and they offer other benefits over traditional bank deposits.

These accounts are considered to be alternatives to a savings account or fixed deposit and there is no defined investment term. They are very liquid and they also offer quick and easy access to investor funds.

They are managed by professionals and they also charge low fees.

Before deciding on a Money Market Account, you need to do some research and compare the best Money Market Rates.

More about Money Market Rates for 2016:

  • Investec 7.10%
  • Nedbank 6.75%
  • PSG 6. 98%
  • Allan Gray 7.22%
  • Old Mutual Money Market Fund 7.14%
  • Momentum 7.03%
  • Absa 7.33%
  • Stanlib 7.12%
  • Standard Bank Money Market 6.50%


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