Mr Cash Loans Reviews

Mr Cash Loans Reviews

Mr Cash Loans is a micro lending institution that specialises in providing excellent service and fast approval. This institution operates in an industry that has a wide array of lenders claiming to provide the best services.  

Mr Cash Loans is a lender that stands out due to the focus it extends to providing quality financial services to its clients.

What services does Mr Cash Loans offer?

Unsecured loans are offered by Mr Cash Loans, which means that individuals don’t have to provide any surety as collateral for the loan.

Cash loans are provided, as well as loans specifically for blacklisted individuals. Mr Cash Loans understands the challenges that many people face which lead to blacklisting. This may be due to a range of reasons, including job loss or over-indebtedness with no measures taken to get the debt under control. Despite being blacklisted, individuals can get the help they need to be able to pay for their financial emergencies.

By getting approved for a personal loan from Mr Cash Loans, you may be able to pay for your education, renovations to your home, medical costs that aren’t covered by your medical aid or even for your rent costs for the month.

Who qualifies?

The loans are available to South African citizens who are between the ages of 18 and 65 years. Applicants will need to provide their valid South African ID. You will also need to have been employed for a minimum period of 6 consecutive months with your current employer. Your latest payslip must be provided as valid proof of income, in addition to your latest 3 months bank statements.

Approved individuals can expect the loan amount to be paid into their bank account within 48 hours.

The application process is simple and can be completed online by visiting



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