Musa Capital funding, African investment specialists

Musa Capital is an African investment advisory firm which was established about 20 years with a vision of being a catalyst for sustainable wealth creation for the continent of Africa. Musa Capital from inception has tried to distance itself from traditional investment models which do not accelerate the development of ordinary circles of society. Musa Capital understood from the beginning that supporting local African market innovations can in the long run impact and change global business.

Musa capital has also discovered that to achieve the above described chain of progress, African businesses and innovators must be provided with access to finance, infrastructure, markets, business synergies as well as mentors and partners who can bridge African opportunities to sophisticated financial instruments. Musa capital therefore uses a unique and compelling investment banking business model which identifies African entrepreneurs, businesses, institutions and governments considering change and then match them to opportunities, create relevant financial mechanisms, link it all up with investors and make a hands on follow-up to ensure organic business growth.

Musa capitals unique banking model therefore includes services such as private equity propriety investing, direct investment, managed accounts for companies and capital market debt and equity.

Musa capital is indeed the African investment advisory powerhouse. Musa capital can be contacted on 0117716300 and capital investment advise will surely be provided.

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