Nedbank pocketpos – standalone point of sale terminal device

Nedbank for ages has been a forerunner in the provision of innovative products on the South African banking and financial services landscape. The desire to provide convenient and user friendly services and products to business merchants has been a key area of focus for this esteemed bank.

The ability to walk into a business house and make a financial transaction by using a bank card without using cash has improved the speed, efficiency and security in business transactions both for consumers and merchants. The Nedbank point of sale terminal seeks to enhance this modern way of transacting to a greater level because it’s the first “Chip and Pin” certified mobile point of sale solution in South Africa. This device which can be used as a fixed or portable solution and will enable merchants to accept debit and credit card payment through smart phone or tablet.

The device has been introduced to assist a variety of clients such as roaming merchants with no fixed residential facilities, delivery and courier  services, seasonal and weekend traders, businesses without access to a fixed data or telephone, direct sales organizations etc.

This Nedbank  point of sale terminal will provide unique features such as full mobility, excellent security that meets industry standards, reduced admin due to built in reconciliation and transaction history, cost effectiveness by saving 50% on traditional card acceptance costs, connection through Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets, it also provides for choice of two devices which allows for the first device to send digital receipt to captured email address and the second one provides the ability to print out a physical receipt.

The benefits of the point of sale device are incredible. The device itself is small, light and easy to carry around, merchants can easily sign up and installation is easy on any smart device, its also low cost because clients receive the device for free and it facilitates easy off the shelf banking.

This product is indeed a first on the market and merchant business and transactions can only get better from now on.

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