Nedbank Property Finance

Nedbank Property Finance

Residential property investors have grown in importance in recent years and now play a significant role in both the housing market and as borrowers from the banking system. Property investors are significant enough now, in terms of their activity in the housing market as well as their level of borrowing, such that their behavior appears to be important for the continuing health of both the housing market and the banking sector.It is for this reason that one of South Africas top banks developed the Nedbank Property Finance.

Nedbank Corporate Property Finance specialises in financing commercial, industrial, retail and residential development property, offering loan funding to developers, owners, occupiers and investors. Agile financial solutions include access to undrawn funds, interest-only periods, fixed and floating interest rates, flexible repayments and residual value transactions.This finance is provided as listed sector solutions, investment solutions, affordable housing finance and residential development finance.

Listed sector solutions is dedicated towards the listed-property market. Enabling this dynamic sector involves agility and highly customised lending that is secured by a portfolio of commercial, residential, retail or industrial properties.

Investment solutions enable smart investment solutions through long-term lending; loans secured against property investment portfolios; and structured investment loans allowing investors to customise their agreements in terms of amortisation, interest rates, residual values and cash-flows.

By using affordable housing finance, funding opportunities for new affordable housing ventures are identified through the extensive network of developers across the public and private sectors.

With residential development finance, a minimum transaction amount of R5 million is set out for property developers or residential investors in need of short-term bridging finance for the acquisition of land, the installation of services, and the construction of buildings.

Nedbank can be contacted on 0860555333.



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