No Finance Cars- Rent To Buy With NFC

No Finance Cars- Rent To Buy With NFC

No Finance Cars strives to give you “mobility with dignity,” so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best rent-to-buy solution for your needs. In a world where economic conditions continue to be extremely challenging, not many people can afford to buy a car. This is why it’s become essential for financial institutions to offer flexible solutions. 

As consumers look for alternate ways to fund their lifestyles, another car-buying method that’s becoming increasingly popular is the “rent- to-buy” option. As opposed to the traditional car finance route, this option provides a lot more flexibility. 

Why choose No Finance Cars? 

Started almost 30 years ago, No Finance Cars offers Rent-to-Buy options and is a market leader in the industry.  

With this service provider, there are no hidden costs and individuals have the benefit of fixed payments for 54 months. This makes it easy to keep track of how much you are paying every month and of how much you have left to pay, before you can own the car. 

You don’t need a credit history to apply for this rent-to-buy option. So even if you are blacklisted you are welcome to apply. 

Roadside assistance is included, while there are no monthly mileage or area restrictions. Mechanical breakdown coverage is provided on all Rent-to-buy cars.  

You have an option to upgrade your vehicle every 18 months. 

Who can apply? 

  • Individuals earning a minimum of R12 000 gross monthly salary 
  • Individuals who can provide a minimum deposit of R10 000 
  • Individuals with a valid South African Drivers licence 

How the No Finance Cars deal works: 

At the end of the rental contract you pay R1500 and the documents for transferring the vehicle into your name will be given to you. 

You can’t cross the border into neighbouring countries. 

Only a nominated driver, as per the agreement, is allowed to drive the vehicle. 

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