Pay Capitec Bank Client Using Their Cellphone Number

Pay Capitec Bank Client Using Their Cellphone Number

Capitec Bank internet banking offers simplified banking when it suits you. It’s secure, free to download, free to use and there is no monthly fee.

With the fast-paced lifestyle many people live these days, convenience is king. Capitec Cellphone Banking is a well-designed product that makes it easy for individuals to manage their finances. The handy banking app is becoming more popular in light of the growing trend of mobile banking in South Africa.

Some of the benefits of internet banking:

  • Provides easy access to bank account information.
  • Facilitates simple payments – Once logged on securely, you can use your cell phone to make payments. Every payment made using the app is verified by a Remote PIN code.
  • Capitec Cellphone banking provides the convenience of being able to buy electricity and airtime without even having to leave your home or office.
  • Add beneficiaries – Regular beneficiaries can also be saved, viewed, sorted, updated and deleted.
  • View your detailed transaction history on the go. Simple and effective, this functionality gives you access to your transaction history, whenever you need it.
  • Capitec gives you the opportunity to use your Remote PIN for making multi-loan withdrawals.
  • You can create a personalised budget plan. You can also track your spending and stay in line with this budget.

No-one will be able to access your accounts using the app if they do an unauthorised SIM swap on your cell phone number because the app is linked to your cellphone.

A new feature of the Capitec App allows users to pay a Capitec bank client using their cellphone number.

How to pay a Capitec bank client:

  • Choose ‘Transact’
  • Choose ‘Payments’
  • Enter your secret Remote PIN to sign in
  • Choose a beneficiary
  • Enter the payment details or a valid cellphone number if the recipient is a Capitec bank client
  • Enter your secret Remote PIN to confirm
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