Quick Loans with No Paperwork

Quick Loans with No Paperwork

Here are a few examples of institutions that provide quick loans with no paperwork, When you are looking for a quick loan solution, chances are that you are looking for a simple solution with no paperwork involved. Improvements in technology have provided numerous opportunities for individuals looking for loans. More financial institutions are providing individuals with online loan application opportunities, designed to make the entire process simple and faster.

Here are a few examples of institutions that provide quick loans with no paperwork:

Fast Loans 4 u:

Specialising in fast cash solutions, this institution has long term loans of R50 000, repayable over a period of 60 months. Short term loans are also provided in the form of payday loans from R2500 to a maximum of R8000. There are no documents required to apply for this loan and blacklisted individuals are welcome to apply.


A financial division of HomeChoice, FinChoice promises the provision of no-fuss, flexible loans. The entire application process can be completed online or telephonically. With fixed monthly instalments, approved individuals can pay off their loans at a comfortable pace. The KwikAdvance option provides loans from R100 to R2000 with payment within 24 hours. The maximum amount you can be approved for is R25 000.
Wanna Loan?

Promising same day loans, Wanna Loan is a responsible lending institution. The maximum amount you can qualify for is R1500 – which you can apply for online.


No documents are required for this loan application. The process is quick and be completed online for free. You can get up to R2500 within 24 hours and there are no credit checks, so even if you have a bad credit, you may qualify.  Available to individuals who are older than 18 years, who are permanently employed South African citizens, these loans save individuals on time and money. The turnaround time is quick too- giving you the financial freedom you need to meet your financial goals.

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