Rainfin — Smartest Way To Get Personal Loans

Rainfin — Smartest Way To Get Personal Loans

South Africa’s financial landscape is endowed with many players offering payday loans. One of those featuring prominently on the list of service providers is Rainfin.This firms lending marketplace is an alternative way to  borrow or lend money. It directly connects borrowers and lenders, allowing for cheaper credit for borrowers and better returns for lenders.

There are many advantages in dealing with Rainfin for those seeking personal loans, for lenders or even those seeking a business loan. For personal loans, the advantages include paperless and fast application,100% transparent fee structure, low fees and flexible interest rates and free credit advice to improve your profile.

Advantages accrued on the part of the lenders include 100% transparent fee structure, premium loan offers at low risk, short term lending with high returns and the best credit assessment process in South Africa. For those seeking business loans, there is no security required, it comes with flexible financial assessment, affordable interest rates and low fees as well as fast application and assessment process.

For borrowers, getting a loan with Rainfin is quick and easy.You simply confirm your identity online with Rainfin promising that your privacy and information is always secured, you then check your credit status and make the right borrowing decisions, confirm your affordability through the income and expense calculator, you can then set your loan requirements and get funded in hours.

On the part of the lenders, you kick-start the process by creating your account and verifying yourself, by doing this you access the marketplace to find loans matching your requirements, you then make the offer and transfer the funds and start earning, you are also given room to track your portfolio performance and look for the next big deal.

The minimum offer allowed is R100 but it is advisable to diversify your lending according to your risk versus return preferences.You can also spread your risk by making small loans to a large number of borrowers rather than making larger loans to a small number of borrowers.

For those applying for a business loan,some of the requirements include the fact that you have to be a South African business entity, have a fairly good to great business credit rating, directors are required to have a good credit rating, have an annual turnover of over R1 million and be in possession of recent financial statements of management accounts.

Rainfin is truly bridging the gap in the world of finance. Contact can be made on 0878205200

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