SA Loan Services

SA Loan Services

SA Loan Services

SA Loan Services is part of the Finance Wizard, which is one of the fastest growing personal micro finance providers in South Africa. They are accredited financial brokers specialising in providing financial products and services to blacklisted individuals.

They know that it can be extremely challenging for blacklisted South Africans to find easy and affordable credit. That is why they take over the whole work and ensure that each of their clients gets approved for a loan which matches their personal financial emergency requirements precisely.

They are proud to offer a totally free dedicated service which is professional and friendly. You will get the cash you need quickly and without hassle.

Services – SA Loan Services

If you fail to repay any debt within the specified term, you will get into a lot of trouble.

You will go into default and all micro lenders will be warned about not providing credit to you. If you cannot negotiate repayment with your lender, the company will take legal action against you and you will get adverse listing with all credit bureaus in South Africa.

If the lender obtains a court judgement against you they will have the right to take a portion of your salary or to sell your assets at an auction to recover the amount which you owe.

You can avoid this kind of trouble by getting finance from the right lender.

Summary of services

• Instant Loans
• Consolidation Loans
• Instant Cash Loans
• Long Term Loans
• Bad Credit Instant Loans
• Micro Loans
• Student Loans
• Blacklisted Loans

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