All You Need to Know About SARS Payments to Taxpayers

All You Need to Know About SARS Payments to Taxpayers

Your employer is required by law to estimate your income for the year, based on your monthly income. You might not earn the same every month. This may be the reason for the return submission to SARS. This is generally the main reason for SARS payments to taxpayers.

A SARS Audit or Verification ensures that the taxpayer contributes honestly and fairly towards his or her taxes.

If you have a refund due, the refund will only be paid once the audit/verification is completed.

How SARS payments to taxpayers work

  • You must complete and submit your annual tax return.
  • SARS issues a document called the ITA34.
  • You receive an email or SMS advising you to log onto your eFiling profile.

On the first page of the ITA34 you will see whether you owe SARS money, or they will issue you with a refund. (A minus sign in front of the amount means you are owed a refund.)

If you’re owed a refund, this amount will be electronically paid. It usually reflects in your bank account within 2-3 days. If this amount has not been paid, it could be due to a number of reasons, such as

  • An audit being conducted on your account
  • Your banking details being incorrect
  • You may have outstanding returns
  • You may have an outstanding amount due to SARS

Who has to file a tax return?

If your total annual salary before tax is R350 000 or less, there is no need to file a return, providing that

You only have one employer.

You have no car allowance.

You have no other income (such as rent).

You are not claiming deductions: medical aid; retirement annuity; travel expenses.

You have not had dividends paid to you and were not a non-resident during the 2015 year of assessment.

Contact SARS by calling: 0800 00 72 77

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