How to Send Money to Someone

How to Send Money to Someone

There are many ways to send money to someone in South Africa, and this is a great way to save money to friends and family at any time. There will be able to withdraw money even if they don’t have a bank account, and you can send money to them wherever they are.

There are various services that you can use from popular banks, and this includes CashSend from ABSA, as well as eWallet from FNB. With CashSend from Absa, receiving and sending money is quick and easy. You can send money to anyone, and they can withdraw it from most Absa ATMs using a reference number and access code.

You will be able to transfer cash from an Absa savings or cheque account via any of ABSA’s banking channels. The other person can then withdraw the funds without using a card. They simply visit an ABSA ATM and select the ‘CashSend Withdrawal’ option, enter both the 10-digit code sent to them by the CashSend system and the 6-digit access code you created. It’s also possible for you to send cash to yourself when you don’t have your bank card with you and you need cash.

Using eWallet from FNB

One way to send money to someone is to use the eWallet app from FNB. The money is transferred instantly and can be used to withdraw cash from FNB ATMs, buy prepaid airtime or electricity, Send Money to another Cellphone, pay to a bank account and more. Terms and Conditions apply. For Charges please refer to the Pricing Guide.

With FNB eWallet you can send money to anyone with a valid South African cellphone number, and send it via any of the banking channels, including the FNB app and ATMs. You can deposit cash directly into an eWallet at FNB ADTs (FNB ATMs with automated deposits).

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